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We are paralyzed and can’t find words. All sarcasm, every cynical attack on the modern world and all its claims and values became more and more quiet during the last weeks. Parents talk to their children why people make war, why nations try to reign over other nations, how weapons could protect from weapons and they
can’t find any reasonable explanation. There is war again, but these days only a few hours away from my home. Once again people are dying without any logical reason. Every dead is a mother´s, father´s child. They all had dreams, wishes and ideas of a better world. There ist no justification to invade a country and deprive millions of citizens of their dreams and their life. I can’t find a reason, people haven’t learned from their mistakes since the beginning of time.

Dear world, I am angry! If the rulers of this world want to fight, I don’t
mind. Let them fight, blame, manipulate, betray and even kill each other but do it for your own without the death of thousands of innocent humans. We have friends in Russia, we have friends in the Ukraine. Nobody of them wanted war.
Every party of war opponents publishes their legitimation for their acting. The truth is somewhere beyond and I can’t give a judgement. It´s common ground that no reason exists which justifies the murder of innocent people. There are no young soldiers, who wants to take leave of their families and die. There are no children who wants to learn the finiteness of life while holding their parents hands hidden in a cellar. No old man or woman wants to be deprived of their roots or watching their whole life feeding the flames.

Who you think you are allowing and forcing such scenes?
I don’t need laws to act morally. I don’t need walls or borders to protect, preserve or present my influential area. I don’t distinguish genders or ethnic groups. Humans are humans! Some of them are good, some of them are assholes - I avoid the last ones. The human being is free. No dogma is allowed to limit this principle as long as other human rights are not attacked. "Act only according to
that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a
universal law."

This isn’t the war of a country. It´s their rulers war and uncountable humans die. But for what???
Blinded idealism, nationalism, economic supremacy, money, religious delusions, power, authority. I give a shit on you!!!
You, who you are fighting and dying for your ideals - nationalists, fanatics, warmongers all over the world - fight and die for your convicting but do it for your own, outside of the civilized world. Shut an unoccupied area, give them all existing weapons and let them fight till death. I am sure some private network or streaming provider is going to transmit this violence orgy for a small amount of money - money, we could invest in education and healthcare.

Thanks to all of you who help selflessly refugees, who give them a secure home, who listen to them, who share their food, to all of you who protest in the streets regardless of all reprisals.
Freedom, peace and humanity are non-negotiable valid foundations of our world.
Yes, I am willing to freeze for peace but not because of demands of any politicians. I act morally as the decency requires.
Freedom and physical integrity are no privileges! Its are civil rights!

Referring to this we are going to release a new song, which condemns nationalistic and fanatic efforts. You can buy it via bandcamp. All money will be
donated to the DRK (German Red Cross), which members risk their lives voluntarily each day in this war. They need this donations for medicine, water, food, essential goods. Thanks to each of you!
Please support this request or help in another way! Let us stop this fucking war, NOW!!!
Spread this words!!!



released March 20, 2022
Lyrics / Music: Fjoergyn
Label: Supreme Chaos Records


all rights reserved




Stephan L. - Vocals, Guitar, Orchestra, Lyrics
Martin L. - Drums
Sven G. - Bass
Marcellus W. - Guitar
Philipp T. - Guitar


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